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"For the Spanish friends" (some lines of an essay written by Vicenç Villatoro, writer)

2013-09-07 18:01

Ací tenim part de l'article "Als amics espanyols", escrit per Vicenç Villatoro, escriptor, i publicat en el diari Ara (14 d'agost) i traduït a l'anglés.


Que passeu un bon cap de setmana.



"For the Spanish friends"  (Ara, signed by Vicenç Villatoro, 14th August 2013)


In Spain, many people look the Catalan independence movement like a dissaproval and a scorn to the Spanish identity. And they are proud of their identity, and they have the right to do it. (...) The independence movement can't be or seem an attitude against the Hispanism. I'm not American, but I have respecte for the American identity. Moreover for the Spanish, because we have bows of blood. We have to say to the friends that the process is not against them, against what they are or against their identity. About these two grounds, the democratic inflexibility and the refusal of any Hispanicphobia, it would be interesting to build bridges with the Spaniards friends. For our good and their good.